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Aims of the Workshop


Confident in a refined flow of energy

Confident working with new symbols

Confident with passing attunements, reiju's and heart attunements.


The course aims to enable you to pass attunments, mini-attunements and heart attunements. The attunement processes are illustrated and explained including the use of two attunement symbols. There are ample opportunities to experiment with and practice these techniques and also to ask questions and share your experiences.



Workshop Outline


MORNING: Welcome; Meditation with Reiki; Questions and Answers; Positive Emotion Meditation; Attunement Practice; Hatsu Rei Ho; Attunement Attunement Practice.

AFTERNOON: Reiju; Reiju Practice; Heart Attunement; Heart Attunement Practice; Symbol Meditation; Questions and Answers; Mini Reiki Session.



Tibetan Master Symbol

Tibetan Fire Serpent

History and Versions of Attunements

Recommended Teaching Content

Attunement Outline

Reiji Outline

Heart Attunement Outline

Attunement Synopsis

Reiju Synopsis

Heart Attunement Synopsis



Workshop Price - £475


Payment option: four monthly installments, if required.

Course requirements: To have been attuned to Master Level for a minimum of 3 months.


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