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A Reiki treatment enables you to deeply relax and pacifies negative emotions, eases the mind, and restores the body. After a session you feel calm, focused, and refreshed.

A course of Reiki treatments will significantly refine the flow of energy moving through your body, resulting in considerable improvements in your emotional well-being.


Also now providing Indian Head Massage at discounted rates; 60 minutes treatments for £25.





What does a Reiki treatment involve?


To receive a treatment, you lie down on a therapy couch, fully clothed. If you are more comfortable in a chair, that can be accommodated. Then, using a gentle hands-on touch, I work at various points on the body, primarily focusing around the head and feet. As the treatment progresses, you begin to feel more and more relaxed.


After the treatment  you can share your experience of the session with me and we can discuss how you energetically responded. 



Session Options


Monthly sessions, ideal for mild stress due to low level everyday factors.

Fortnightly sessions, ideal for significant stress or long-term issues.

Weekly sessions, ideal for chronic stress or acute long term issues. 



Treatment Prices

£40 per 60 minutes Reiki session

£25 per 60 minutes Indian Head Massage session





Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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