Reiki with Jodie

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Aims of the Workshop


Confident and aware of a refined flow of energy

Confident with the Master Symbol and Kotodama

Confident with techniques and meditations

Confident in establishing a Reiki practice

Confident integrating Reiki into everyday life

Aware of the spiritual impact of Reiki


The course aims to enable you to work with the Reiki energy on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. You will be given the opportunity to practice both upon yourself and others and experiment with using new techniques, tools, and meditations including the Master symbol.



Workshop Outline


MORNING: Mini Reiki Session; Attunement; Self Practice with Master Symbol; Further Practice with Master Symbol and Feedback.

AFTERNOON: Self Practice with Master Kotodama; Further Practice with Master Kotodama and Feedback; Reiju Mini Attunement; Mini Reiki Session.



Personal and Spiritual Development

Reiki Dharma

Master Symbol

Working with Others

Psychic Development

Working with Guides


Psychic Protection


Psychic Surgery

Reiki Grid


Microcosmic Orbit

Personal Experiences of Establishing a Reiki Practice



Workshop Price - £375


Payment option: three monthly installments, if required.

Course requirements: To have been attuned to Level II for a minimum of 6 months.


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