Reiki with Jodie

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Aims of Workshop


Awareness and confidence in the flow of energy

Confident with self-practice

Confident with a range of other techniques


The course aims to enable you to rediscover your capacity to heal and helps you to assimilate a higher vibratory level of energy with which you can work upon both yourself and others on an emotional and physical level. You will be given the opportunity to practice self-treatments, giving treatments and various techniques.



Workshop Outline


MORNING: Mini Reiki Session; Attunement; Self Practice; Practice with Feedback.

AFTERNOON: Intuitive Practice with Feedback; Mini Reiki Session.



What is Reiki?

Reiki History

What is a Chakra?

What is an Attunement?

Working with the Energy

Techniques and Self Treatments

The Three Usui Pillars

Increasing the Reiki

Hand Positions on Self

Hatsu Rei

Breathing Exercises

Meditation Techniques

Chakra Meditations

Chakra Chants



Workshop Price - £175


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01223 577388 or