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Learning Reiki enables you to treat yourself so you are not dependent upon a practitioner. You are provided a simple tool which can be used daily or during periods of stress. The courses have a very positive therapeutic impact and the long term results of regular self-treatments are highly significant and transformative.


Learning Reiki also enables you to provide treatments to others, either on a casual basis or professionally. Often it is used to provide treatments to family members including children, babies and even pets. Each level of training provides you with practical skills which can be used in conjunction with other complementary therapies.


Completing Levels I and II is sufficient if you wish to practice self-treatments and work on others on a casual basis. Though students do often choose to complete the Master level in order to further refine their skills and strengthen the flow of the Reiki. Master and Teacher Levels are necessary if you wish to specialize in practicing Reiki professionally or wish to integrate Reiki into their lifestyle.



What does an attunement involve?


Courses are usually carried out on a one-on-one basis so I can be totally responsive to your needs and they're a day long so you have plenty of time to practice. The training involves elements of giving and receiving treatments and experimentation with various techniques. There is also time for discussion and for you to ask questions. I aim to make the day an interesting, relaxing and inspiring experience.


The course includes a thirty plus page manual and certificate. The manuals are throughly researched, clear, comprehensive, and up to date with the latest information. 

Long-term support is available via email.



Workshop Prices


Individual Workshops - £175


One Day Re-attunement - £175

Ideal for helping you reconnect with your skills and the energy


Two Day Re-attunement - £300

Time to reconnect with your skills and learn new skills including techniques relating to energetic grounding, balancing and clearing, meditations and Japanese techiques


Availability - Saturdays and Sundays, though weekday dates can be made available if necessary




Get in touch for more information

01223 577388 or

My level two and Master training with Jodie has assisted me in making important changes and decisions in my life. I have found Jodie to be an insightful, dynamic and emotionally savvy practitioner and teacher, who is inspiring, encouraging and intuitive in her approach.



I've completed four levels of Reiki training with Jodie and the experiences have been both exhilarating and satisfying. Her technique and methods are second to none. She is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher and attunements with her were very helpful, beautiful and important experiences for me.



I gained my Master Degree with Jodie, & found her approach open, warm, calm, & collective, with total respect for Reiki. She is a true example of a professional Reiki Practitioner!