Cambridge Complementary (CCTT), 19a Sturton Street, Cambridge, CB1 2SN, 01223 577388

"In my experience Jodie is exceptional. She is throughly practical and grounded with unique healing ability."
Jacquie, Mature Ph.D. Student

Working with Jodie is a joy, she is good at what she does and after each visit I have had noticeably, positive changes."
Mel, Writer & Corporate Consultant

"Jodie started me on a journey which has brought happiness into my life and changed my life in ways I would never had dreamed off!"
Alex, Dentist

"Jodie is nothing less than a miracle worker. I was a long-term sufferer of chronic fatigue and generalised anxiety, with a decade of therapy and alternative treatments behind me. In the time I've been working with Jodie, I've made more progress than through all the other treatments put together. I only rarely suffer from anxiety and fatigue now, and when I do, I am much better able to manage it. Finally, I am getting in touch with my feelings in ways that actually provide practical solutions. Jodie's approach is wonderfully grounded, nurturing and down-to-earth; she has not only made me feel better, but made me feel like an altogether better person."
Victoria, Writer

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a relaxing method of restoring emotional well-being.

It is a gentle touch therapy which directs energy into the body to optimize the energetic flow throughout the system. This energetic retuning significantly improves emotional health.

"I provide a nurturing and caring space in which we can discuss anything that you may be finding problematic. I have experience of working with a range of issues, from low level, everyday stressors to acute personal challenges. You then receive a soothing treatment during which you can take a break, relax and rest within the flow of the Reiki. After the treatment we can discuss how your energetic system responded, released and rebalanced and also readdress or reassess any emotional issues in the light of these energetic adjustments."

About Jodie

Jodie has worked with hundreds of clients and over a hundred Reiki students. She has been in practice since 2004 and is a fully insured member of the UK Reiki Federation. Jodie currently works with women clients only.

As a practitioner, Jodie is rare, as she specializes exclusively in Reiki. For her, Reiki is a practical and spiritual tool, which she fully integrates into her life. This level of commitment is reflected in her professional practice.

Jodie is also the founder and owner of Cambridge Complementary for Therapies and Treatments (CCTT).